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Artistic Career of Raphael Haeger

Raphael Haeger has been a member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (percussion) since 2004. He is a pianist with the Bolero Berlin ensemble and has been conducting the Leipzig University Orchestra from 2011 to 2015.

At the age of four Raphael Haeger started playing drums, but he also liked to play other instruments, especially the piano. He then studied percussion at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen. From 1994 Raphael Haeger was a percussionist in the orchestra of the Nationaltheater Mannheim for eleven years, where Haeger also conducted the extremely popular concert series "Jazz in der Oper" from the piano and invited guests such as Dave Brubeck, Paul Kuhn and Peter Herbolzheimer to the opera stage.

The recording with the Berliner Philharmoniker in 2004 was the deciding factor for the percussion. In 2012 he completed a master's degree in orchestral conducting at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin. In 2011-2014 he was conductor of the Leipzig University Orchestra. For Sir Simon Rattle, Raphael Haeger took over annual productions of operas from 2011-2017 as part of the Berliner Philharmoniker's education programme. At the Easter Festival of the Berliner Philharmoniker in Baden-Baden he has regularly conducted children's operas or large chamber music programmes with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker since 2014. For the silent film "Der Rosenkavalier", Raphael Haeger conducted the original music by Richard Strauss with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker at the Easter Festival in Baden-Baden, the Berliner Philharmonie and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. In October 2018 he will be invited to the Orchestra Sinfonica do Paraná in Brazil. The silent film "Der Rosenkavalier" has already been screened in this version and cast at the Easter Festival in Baden-Baden and at the Berlin Philharmonic. Raphael Haeger has been principal conductor of the Schöneberg Symphony Orchestra since 2016.
(as of August 2018)

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